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Sandy Hook


Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Strategy
in collaboration with various copywriters

Strategy: Indexes are a measure of something that turns a lot of data into a useful scale. They are used daily across America in order to protect us against things like UV rays and Pollen. But what if we could create an index to help protect the children
of America against a killer which is less silent than the sun? That's what we created, with Sandy Hook's Shooting Index: an index that raises awareness for students and teachers while keeping safety in the classroom top of their minds. 

Micro-Site Activation

sandy hook-01.png

By combining relevant data points, the Shooting Index  is an opportunity to help teachers and students save each other's lives. 

In Class-room Activation

In Partnership with Citizens Aid, we  will place protective kits in classes for health and safety.  


And we'll work with them to include in the kit a  Warning Light that changes color to match the Index  as a reminder.

sandy hook-02.png
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