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BBDO Augmented Reality SnapChat Contest - Shortlisted

 Close to Home - American Read Cross AR Snapchat Filter

Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Strategy
in collaboration with copywriter and creative directors

Strategy: Climate change is only getting worse, and so are natural disasters around the country. From floods to wildfires, to hurricanes and tornadoes, communities around the world are constantly in danger. The problem is, for people who don’t live in one of these areas, it’s hard to know what true destruction feels like. Our solution is to use AR to show people the reality of climate change to inspire empathy and raise donations for disaster relief. 


How it works

Using Snaps, “World Mesh LiDar” tech,  we’ll create an AR filter that allows people to scan their location, and bring the effects of a natural disaster to life, mapped around their space so that it feel tailored to their unique space.

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